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 We encourage you to get involved and engage at the Jewish Congregation of Venice. Please support the congregation in a variety of ways.

Adult Education: This committee is all about educational enrichment through programs that build knowledge, focus on our heritage and culture, and foster learning for our congregants and the community.

Building and Grounds: The JCV is fortunate to have a beautiful campus and own our building. This group not only determines what is needed in our building and on the grounds but provides maintenance and repair.

Budget: In order to maintain financial stability, this committee monitors the overall financial health of the JCV by reviewing the budget, financial planning, and establishing fiscal policies.

Bylaws: Revisions to the JCV bylaws occur periodically on a schedule or whenever a congregant requests or suggests a change. The members of this committee review changes or enhancements and make recommendations to the Board.

Calendar: Knowing what is happening is most important to our members and is communicated through our calendar. This committee oversees our calendars, maintains information, and informs our members and the community about events and meetings through the calendar.

Caring & Mitzvah: This important group supports congregants in times of illness, grief, or other life-cycle challenges.

Choir: Directed by our cantor, enthusiastic volunteer singers enrich our holiday and Shabbat Services.

Crafty Mavens: Creativity creating and sharing of techniques and design happen among the members of this group, The crafty Mavens provide challah covers quilts, and other crafts that are shared with JCV members and the community

Endowment: Though this committee functions independently from the JCV, the participants are all members of the JCV. This committee manages investment incomes, gifts, and legacies to support the programs or operations of the JCV.

Fine Arts: The focus of this committee is to accept gifts, maintain the JCV art collection, and research the art and Judaica holdings.

Food Festival: For over 25 years, the JCV has sponsored the Jewish Food Festival open to the surrounding community. Participate in the planning committee or on the day of the festival or both. The Food Festival is a highlight of all JCV happenings! Undoubtedly, the food is delicious!

Human Resources: In support of the JCV, this committee serves as a liaison between the JCV employees and the Board of Directors, with the intent to uphold the policies and laws related to employment.  Employees are able to contact this committee with concerns.

Kitchen and Commissary: Food is entwined in Jewish culture. This committee purchases items and equipment necessary for the effective function of the kitchen. The members oversee the kitchen's cleanliness, maintenance of supplies, and adherence to safety laws and requirements.

Landscape: The JCV campus is beautiful. This committee oversees the plants and flowers throughout the JCV property.

Library: This committee manages all the books, media, resources, and collections available to our congregants. The committee members organize information, select books and media for the library, and  run the library.

Membership: This committee encourages new members to join the JCV and current members to participate and engage in congregational life.

Memorial Park: To ensure the beauty of the JCV cemetery as a final resting place and comfortable space for loved ones to visit, this committee oversees the operation and maintenance of the cemetery.

Men’s Club: This committee focuses on friendship and service as determined by the men of the JCV.

Nominating Committee: Each year, this committee identifies candidates to fill the open positions on the Board of Directors and presents the slate to the congregation for election.

Oneg: Each Friday, an Oneg is held following services. This committee helps organize and serve at the Oneg, as well as oversee the budget for this event.

Public Relations and Publicity: This committee is responsible for promoting the JCV presence as a Venice area synagogue  in local newspapers and media.

Reel Fun: Entertainment is the key to this committee. Once a month, a movie and discussion take place at the JCV. Be part of choosing the shows that are presented.

Ritual: The purpose of this committee is to encourage participation in ritual, practices and values of Judaism, and to ensure worship as a community with spirit and intention. In addition, this group supports the clergy in providing the spiritual and life cycle needs of the congregation.

Security: Safety is the foremost consideration of this committee that oversees the hiring of security for services and events and evaluates options for a more secure environment.

Sisterhood: Referred to as the “Heart of the JCV," the women of the JCV are dedicated to the beautification, education, and enhancement of the JCV while understanding the importance of providing programs that nurture and sustain Jewish life and vitality.

Special Events: ‘Happenings’ are fundamental for making connections with one another. This committee focuses on coordinating a variety of events that build  family within the JCV community.

Ways and Means: Fundraising, to supplement the budget and secure a strong future for the JCV, is the main focus of this committee.

Website: This committee focuses on the advancement of technology to improve communication and visibility with members and the outside community through the JCV website, Facebook, and ShulCloud.


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