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Women's Retreat

It all began in 2014 to bring us together
for bonding and fun
And this amazing day set the tone
for years to come

We shared our stories;
We laughed and we cried
Cultivating friendships and memories;
Feeling happy inside

We played Jewish trivia,
belly danced, and much more
The ladies never knew what was next in store
But the delight of the day was our mitzvah project
To give back to others was the most important topic

Each year is different—filled with speakers and plans
Fifty ladies together singing songs and holding hands
When our retreat finally comes to an end,
We are left hugging each other, enjoying our friends.

We love this time full of joy and great food
Everyone always left in a much better mood

But this year is different; we must stay home and remain safe
Even though these restrictions are beginning to chafe
2021 will bring us together without masks or fears
A time to embrace each other with joyful tears



Stay tuned for more information to come!

Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783