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Week of March 6, 2022

03/05/2022 07:39:30 PM


Chai Lights - at the JCV

The JCV is committed to bringing people together; we are here to keep you informed and connected through a wide variety of programs. Browse our website and virtual or socially distanced events listed below to stay up to date on upcoming programs and services. Our top priority is the health and well-being of the JCV community; new policies are now in effect for the use of the JCV building. Zoom and in-person Shabbat services are now being held at the JCV. Watch for updates as guidelines are subject to modifications.

Members who have provided proof of vaccination are able to attend services, meetings, and events within the building, MASKS REQUIRED.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of event data contained in this issue; however, all events are subject to change. All times shown are in the Eastern Time Zone. To see last week (February 27), click HERE.


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Shabbat Worship
Events, Programs, and Classes
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Shabbat Worship

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If any changes to our regularly scheduled services are warranted, we will let you know as soon as possible. We look forward to spending Shabbat together virtually and/or in person.

“Good Scents” - Be considerate of others who may be allergic and refrain from using scented products when coming to services.

7:30pm: Shabbat Services 
In person and on Zoom (867 1741 0874, Passcode: jcv).
Weekly: March 11. Save this event to your calendar system.

The rabbi, cantor, and ritual committee wish to make you aware of the monthly schedule for Friday Shabbat Services.
We are creating this Shabbat Schedule in order to give our service more “ruach” and to encourage greater participation, given the challenges we have faced over the past two years.

1st Friday: Choir and musical accompanist.
2nd Friday: *Birthdays will be celebrated.
3rd Friday: *Anniversaries will be celebrated. Musical accompanist.
4th Friday: Haftorah and Torah reading.
*Update your member profile (birthday and/or anniversary) in ShulCloud, since this is where we get our information.

Friday, March 18 
7:30pm: Shabbat Services - Purim featuring A Shamrock Shpiel - The Megillah of Esther in Limerick.
"Faith and Begorrah...A Big Kinehora!" Join us (as part of Shabbat Services) featuring: A Shamrock Shpiel - The Megillah of Esther in Limerick. We invite you to wear something Green!


Events, Programs, and Classes 

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Monday and Thursday - recurring classes
10:30am: Indoor T'ai Chi at the JCV
Duration: 1 hour. Recurring classes on Mondays and Thursdays. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Barry Bye by email at

Tuesday (last Tuesday of the month) 
11:00am: Cantor Marci’s Kol Isha - women’s discussion group
In person at the JCV or on Zoom. (816 9151 8705, Passcode: KOL)
Mar 29; Apr 26; May 31; Jun 28; Jul 26; Aug 30; Sep 27; Oct 25; Nov 29; Dec 27; Jan 31.
Save this event to your calendar system.

Kol Isha, which means the woman’s voice, is our monthly discussion group. We began four years ago after a JCV Women’s Retreat to discuss issues that affect us as Jewish women. Our topics have ranged from Spirituality to preparing for the death of a spouse, to learning about women of the bible, and so many things in between.

We would like to open our arms to include a larger group of women from the JCV. Join us on the last Tuesday of the month at 11:00am. We will meet in person at the JCV as well as on Zoom. While we know Zoom has its challenges, we want to include everyone. We alternately hope to be fully in person. But at this time realize that is not possible for everybody.
-Marci Vitkus

4:30pm: Basic Judaism with Rabbi Shull
Weekly. Contact Rabbi Shull for details.

2:00pm: Torah Study with Rabbi Shull
Weekly. Contact Rabbi Shull for details.

Monthly on the First Monday of the Month  
10:30am: Sisterhood Book Club
In person at the JCV. Email Judy Haran, for more information.
March 7; April 4; May 2; June 6; July 4; August 1; September 5; October 3; November 7; December 5.

The JCV Sisterhood Book Club will meet on Monday, March 7, 10:30am, outdoors at the JCV.  All women are welcome.  We will be discussing Crossing the Line by Kareem Rosser. Bring a chair if possible, lunch, and a bite to share.  We will have a picnic afterwards.

Sunday, March 6 
2:00pm: Men’s Club - LeBarge Sightseeing and Nature Cruise
Contact Stephen Weiss.

Tuesday, March 8 - NEW
2:00pm: Safety and Awareness Training Course
The JCV Security team has arranged a safety and awareness training course for our congregation. In order to attend you must register through this link. Once registered you will be sent an email with the Zoom information.

Tuesday, March 8 - NEW
3:00pm: Crafty Mavens
(752 9683 7993, Passcode: crafty)

Wednesday, March 9 
1:00pm: Information Session Congregational Trip to Israel
Both in person and Zoom will be available.
(818 5478 4523, Passcode: jcv) 

Join us, as well as a representative from Galilee Travel, Inc. (Ofra Cohen, Founder and President will be participating via zoom), for an information session in planning a congregational trip to Israel in November 2022.


Looking Ahead

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Sunday, March 13 
10:00am: Annual Congregational Meeting
In Person and Zoom  (816 0313 0738, Passcode: jcv)

Sunday, March 13 
12:30pm: BBQ Party to Celebrate the Board Service of Harvey Cohen, Maxine Arkin, and Sam Gurian
Luncheon begins immediately after the Congregational Meeting.


JCV Community Announcements

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Chumash Bookplates - NEW
Our new ETZ HAYIM Torah and Commentary chumash creates a lasting way to honor a loved one or commemorate a special event. Opportunities are available to dedicate one or more chumashim with a personalized dedication bookplate affixed.   

You can make a meaningful gift to the JCV.  When you dedicate a chumash, we will apply a bookplate with your preferred dedication. The cost to dedicate a chumash is $18.00.

2022 JCV Food Festival Raffle Winners - NEW
First Prize: $500 - Carol Ann and Rod Margolis 
Second Prize: $200 - Bonita and Frank Meyer 
Third Prize: $100 - Carole and Jerry Hoffman 

Birthdays & Anniversaries

In Case You Missed It

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Honoring Soon-To-Be Past President Harvey Cohen 
Honor Harvey for his many years of service to the Jewish Congregation of Venice with a donation to the JCV. Your donation will give the congregation a chance to say thank you and show appreciation to Harvey as he retires. The community looks forward to his warmth, compassion, laughter, and business acumen as he moves on to other roles at the JCV.

It is more important than ever to come together as a community to raise funds to support the synagogue. If you would like to make a general donation in Harvey’s name, click here or go to

All donations will support the JCV’s general budget, which funds all our programs and activities. Thank you for your generosity! 

A Place Full of Opportunities 
The JCV needs your help and there are so many ways in which you can participate. There is something for everyone at the JCV. Consider how you can volunteer at the JCV. Find the many opportunities on our website volunteer page at:

JCV Policy Update as of January 12, 2022 
The JCV is now open for activities and services under the following guidelines:

  • Anyone who enters the JCV is required to be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. This includes congregants, guests, employees, visitors, vendors, and others.
  • While inside the JCV, everyone is required to properly wear a face mask at all times. All Friday evening services are to be both in person and via zoom.
  • The sanctuary will be set up for both regular seating and socially distanced seating for those who prefer that seating arrangement.
  • For now, there will not be any oneg shabbat offered after a service.
  • The JCV President has the authority to make specific decisions about the status of what may take place at the JCV, given the fluctuation of the COVID-19 environment and the needs of individualized issues at the JCV.
  • Committee meetings, education sessions, and other events are permitted, given the above guidelines.
  • As always, individuals should assume their own comfort level in participating at events at the JCV.
  • Congregants are asked to comply with the latest CDC guidelines should they be positive for COVID-19 and any variants prior to returning to any function at the JCV.
  • When there is an event at the JCV, the committee in charge will record who attended the event.


JCV Slate for Open Positions 
At the January 2022 Congregational Meeting, the following slate was established: 
President - Eli Rapaport
Second Vice President - Mardi Skoegard
Treasurer - Meg Antine
Member-at-large - Deborah Rosen
Adult Education - open
This slate will be voted on in March during the Annual Congregational Meeting, March 13, at 10:00am. Only nominations for Adult Education will be accepted at the annual meeting. 
A special thank you to the Nominating Committee: Joan Attenberg, Cynthia Greene, Barbara Katzenstein, Dave Metzger, Aaron Rosen, and Len Weiner. If you have further questions, contact Nessa Kleinglass.

JCV Attendance Guidelines for Committee Chairs/Meeting Leaders
As committee chairs or meeting leaders, it is your responsibility to make sure the procedures below are followed: 
Check the JCV official calendar on the website to confirm your proposed meeting is not in conflict with other scheduled meetings. Reserve the room for your meeting. Send a note to and provide the following information:

  • Date, time, and duration of the meeting 
  • Resources needed; location in the JCV where you plan to meet
  • Do you require Zoom? 
  • Confirm that all attendees have had vaccinations.
  • Maintain a log of who attended. This will be used to notify attendees in the unfortunate event of someone who attended the meeting coming down with COVID-19. 

We ask that you follow this policy to make every effort to ensure a safe, COVID-19 free JCV.
Thank you,
Harvey Cohen, President

Don’t Forget to Send in Your Proof of Vaccination Information 
The Board of Directors is taking precautions to protect our members as much as possible during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. While there is no perfect solution to COVID-19 challenges, the Board has focused on what they believe will be the most effective way to protect congregants. The JCV cannot ensure an absolute and secure situation during these uncertain and challenging times.

The JCV Board voted to have all congregants show proof of vaccination for future admittance to the building. We will enter this information into our database so you will only have to show it one time. The board thanks you for your cooperation in this procedure. If you have questions, feel free to contact any JCV Board member.

We will continue documenting proof of vaccination information so that as we reopen, we have current info.

Two simple ways for congregants to send in proof of vaccination:

  • Send a photocopy or scanned copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card to the following email:
  • You can also make a copy and send it via the US Post Office to the JCV, 600 N. Auburn Rd., Venice, FL 34292.

All copies will be shredded once registered in our database.

Sunshine Fund 
For only $5.00, support the JCV and save yourself a trip to the card shop! We have get well, condolence, simchas, and congratulation cards. Call Vicki Solomon at 941-492-5043 or email her at Then all you have to do is send a check to the JCV or pay on ShulCloud on the Donate page; check Donations>Sunshine in the “Type” drop down box.

Rabbi's Day Off and Office Hours
Rabbi Shull’s day off will be Tuesdays until such time as the synagogue building will be open for regular programming. Anyone interested in meeting Rabbi Shull in his office at the JCV, precluding any emergencies, is encouraged to give him a call and make an appointment during his regular office hours.

Sunday: The rabbi will be available to congregants.
Monday: 9:30am to 3:30pm
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 9:30am to 3:30pm
Thursday: 9:30am to 12:30pm
Friday: Available by phone 941-441-5713
Saturday: Shabbat, the rabbi will be available in an emergency.

If you would like to meet him in person at the JCV any other time Sunday through Friday, that can also be arranged by calling to make an appointment. Rabbi Shull can be reached at 941-441-5713. Anyone entering the JCV building must be fully vaccinated.

Submitting Articles to JCV News and Deadlines
Criteria for publication: JCV News welcomes JCV and member-related news for publication. Only articles or Zoom meeting information will be considered for publication. Articles that will not be considered: commercial, political, or solely promotional in nature; submitted to, accepted by, or published by another medium, printed or online; copyrighted materials without permission. 

Submitting articles: Material submitted for publication should be presented as articles or Zoom meeting information in the text of the main body of your email. Pictures must be a separate .png file attachment. Avoid including attachments unless essential. Do not submit an event or article if it has not been confirmed by all parties involved.

Deadline for submissions: 5:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the Sunday of publication. All requests for publication should be sent to This email address is to be used for submission of articles for consideration of publication only. Final versions of submissions are the only emails that will be accepted.


JCV News Sponsors

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Fri, July 1 2022 2 Tammuz 5782