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12/19/2021 01:01:59 PM


The JCV encourages members to share their happiness, in the company of fellow congregants and in the synagogue. 

If you would like to make a donation, sponsor an Oneg Shabbat (a wonderful way to celebrate your simcha with the congregation), or send a Sunshine card in honor of a simcha (joyful event),  go to the "DONATE" button on  the website or call 941-484-2022. 


January      4.        Ellen Granick
                                     Zvi Gellis
January      7.        Robin Lifton
                                    Larry Levine
January      8.        Barbara  Katzenstein
January      10.     Alan Levine
January      11.     Bruce Schnitzer
January      14.     Steve Shoub
                                    Denise Masalsky
January      15.     Sasha Sklar
January      16.     Ken Heitel
                                    Christina Greenstein
January      19.     Linda Hershkowitz
                                     Sol Seifert
January      20.     Daureen Gutterman
January      22.     Tony DiRamio
                                     Rita Sheyner
January       24.     Lou Jefko
January       26.     Andrea Pilch
January       28.     Jeremy Granick
January       29.      Bettye Buchman

January 14, 1978.      Linda and Mort Sinkoff
January  16, 1972.     Madeleine and Vince Minora
January 17, 1960.       Ruth and Robert Young
January  22, 1972.      Deborah and Aaron Rosen
January  25, 2003.      Lisa and Matt Corn
January  30, 1968.      Kathy and Sheldon Arkow






Fri, January 28 2022 26 Shevat 5782