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Support What Matters to You

Donations to the Jewish Congregation of Venice allow the JCV to continue to thrive, meet our financial obligations, and provide outreach and programs. These contributions also honor and memorialize loved ones, friends, fellow congregants, and others. The donations made to our funds are instrumental to our ability to serve our community, maintain our facility, and provide a place to experience Jewish life.

Click the fund icons or visit the DONATE Page and select the appropriate fund from the drop down menu. 

General Fund

Gifts to this fund provide vital support for all aspects of need within the Jewish Congregation of Venice.

Book of Remembrance

During the Yizkor memorial service on Yom Kippur, the Book Of Remembrance is published with the names of departed family and friends. Gifts to this fund support the general operating budget.

Cantor’s Music Fund

Gifts to this fund are used at the cantor’s discretion for cantorial needs. This fund also helps support the integration of music into services and worship.

Dr. Steven Derfler Adult Education Fund

Gift to the fund honor our past adult education, Dr. Steve Derfler, who loved to share his knowledge. This fund will be used to provide learning opportunities for congregants and the community.

Kitchen Fund

Food is entwined in Jewish culture and thus the JCV kitchen serves all who come to join in celebration, ritual, and activities. Gifts to this fund are used to purchase items and equipment for the kitchen.

Landscape Beautification Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to maintain and enhance the JCV campus.

Library Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to increase the number of books and learning materials in our library, as well as provide necessary related supplies.

Mitzvah/Caring Committee Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to support congregants who need support in times of illness, grief, or other life cycle challenges.

Prayer Book Fund

Gifts to this fund enable repairs, replacement, and updating of our prayer books.

Rabbi's Fund

Gifts to this fund are used at the rabbi’s discretion for rabbinical needs.

Rosh Hashanah Fund

Each new year there is an annual campaign. Gifts to this fund are used to promote activities around the High Holy Days, as well as to purchase relevant items such as flowers for the pulpit.

Scholar in Residence

Learning is an important component of Jewish life. Gifts to this fund allow special guests and speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with the community.

Security Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to enhance security and maintain safety.

Tzedakah Fund

Charitable giving is an important value among Jews. Gifts to this fund support causes outside of the congregation.

Yahrzeit Fund

For centuries, a traditional Jewish custom has been to commemorate the death of a loved one through “tzedakah,” a charitable giving. Gifts to this fund support the general operating budget.

Yom Kippur Appeal

The Yom Kippur Appeal is an annual campaign to support needs above and beyond what the JCV dues provide. Gifts to this fund enable us to respond to JCV needs while adhering to our financial goal.


Visit the DONATE Page and select the appropriate fund from the drop down menu. 


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