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Cantor Marci Vitkus

Marci Vitkus has served the JCV since October 5, 2001. She grew up in the Chicago suburbs and moved to Sarasota in 1993. Coming from a career in Early Childhood Education background, cantorial singing was not in her life plan. But nonetheless, this job was presented to her at just the right time and a shidduch (match) was made. It is here in Sarasota that her husband, Andy, and she brought up their two children, Max and Sadie.

It is also here where she discovered she was from a long line of cantors. She knew of her father’s role as hazzan and choir director. She knew of her grandfather, Hyman Reznick, a pillar of the Chicago Jewish community. But she soon learned her cantorial lineage goes back possibly 17 generations. One of the things she hopes to do when she finds some spare time is to investigate a long line of shochets (ritual slaughterers) and shalliach tzibburim (prayer leaders) also in her lineage. For now, she loves being a part of the family life cycle events that occur in a synagogue: births, namings, anniversaries, b’nai mitzvahs. They all bring joy. Even being there for a family in their most difficult hours is a gift she treasures in the circle of life.

By far the best part of her job is leading the congregation in song. They smile, they sway, the feel the same deep connection to their heritage as she does. Music is a balm to the soul.

Shabbat Music

Performed by Cantor Marci Vitkus & Hannah Wasserman


Adonai S'Fatai - Traditional
Barchu - Rachelle Nelson
Benediction - Beth Schafer
Eitz Chayim - Traditional
Elohai - Debbie Friedman
Hakafah - Craig Taubman
Hashkiveinu - Robbie Solomon
Hashkivenu - Max Helfman
L'cha Dodi - Sephardic
Mi Chamocha - Debbie Freedman
Mi Shebeirach - Craig Taubman
Mi Chamocha - Meir Finklestein
Mi Chamocha - Richard Silverman
Niggun - Nava Tahilah
Priestly Benediction
Sh'ma - Beth Schafer
Shalom Rav - Jeff Klepper *
Shalom Rav - Ben Steinberg
Shehechianu - Tzvika Pik
Shelter of Your Peace - Lisa Levine
Shir Chadash - Julie Silver
Torah Service
Yih'yu L'ratzon - Robin Joseph - Transcontinental Music
Sliver in the Sky - Beth Hamon
**Avot - Cantor Sue Roemer
One Voice


*Words: Liturgy (or Sidur), Music by Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander, Copyright © 1974 Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander, Website:    **Permission from Family

JLicense #A700340. Thank you to the artists for allowing us to share their works of art. If you want to purchase any of their original music, please let me know and I will direct you to the best locations for downloads/CDs.


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